It's been over two years since the wedding and the honeymoon in Paris, and I still haven't added any of the pictures that have been promised since.

For now, just enjoy the love kitten (BTW, there's stuff on that site over which I have no control, so if you stray from the kitty, it's not my fault) Love Kitty

** Coming soon to this space - Pictures of where we live, too! **

Steve, Julie, Scott, and Alicia at Sally Ingels's Wedding


Current News

Scott is in law school (and has finally updated this page for the first ime in over a year!)
He continues to do freelance work for Kief's Audio/Video ( <-- He designed and wrote the webpage, too!)

Alicia finished her Master's Degree in Sociology on May 14, 2004. She currently working for KU Endowment.

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